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Psoriasis is a chronic immune-mediated hypoproliferative inflammatory skin disease.

Skin is a major target of oxidative stress due to reactive oxygen species (ROS) originating from the external environment and cellular metabolism in your skin cells. The dominance of free-radicals cause by oxidative factors overrides the body’s natural defence mechanism and contributes to the development of a number of skin conditions including psoriasis. In the case of psoriasis, antioxidant strategies have proven to be a beneficial therapeutic approach.

Dermastatin acts to prevent the destructive oxidative action of peroxides and free-radicals on dermal fibroblasts.

Most topical products used for psoriasis provide only symptomatic relief from the itching, redness, scaling, pain and general discomfort of psoriasis.


While Dermastatin provides excellent symptomatic relief, more importantly, it treats the condition at the cellular level, dealing with the biological causative factors.

Psoriasis is the most common autoimmune disease in the world. In North America alone over 8 million people are affected.

Catalase is an endogenous enzyme found in every cell in your body, and a primary defense against the free-radical/autoimmune syndrome. Levels of catalase diminish with age, the effects of environmental pollution, and other factors.

Catalase is the most powerful natural antioxidant that neutralizes most dangerous free-radicals, including the peroxyl, nitrogen and hydroxyl free-radicals. A molecule of catalase neutralizes millions of free-radicals that cause harmful oxidation and trigger autoimmune diseases, including psoriasis.

The Dermastatin formula contains a combination of catalase and pseudocatalase, so you are going beyond mere symptomatic relief.

To maximize the benefits of Dermastatin it should be used in conjunction with UVB phototherapy. A system such as the Viaguard UVB system is clinically designed for this purpose.

It delivers UVB rays at the required 3141 nanometers wavelength, has a timer, and is of professional quality but easy to use at home.

2 minutes of exposure on affected areas, 3 times a week, is a good starting point.

Hold the light about 7-10 inches from the skin initially, and this distance can be decreased about an inch a week until down to 2 inches.

Follow the instructions that come with the UVB lamp.



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