Forensic Toxicology Expert

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Our expert toxicologists are here to provide expert testimony as well as case review and consultation

Our laboratory has been performing forensic testing for over 40 years. Its testing procedures are designed to meet the strictest of requirements for application to criminal and civil justice processes. Our forensic scientists have over 100 years of combined expertise in explaining and defending forensic testing results.

Our expert toxicologists are here to provide expert testimony as well as case review and consultation. We have the advantage of routinely reviewing casework bench notes and procedures from forensic laboratories throughout the United States, giving us exposure to the best practices and enabling us to identify potential sources of error.

Our toxicologists have been retained as experts on hundreds of Family Law, DUI, narcotics and homicide cases involving forensic toxicology/pathology issues. Below is a list of areas where we have given expert evidence:


  • Identification of Toxicants
  • Evidence of Drug & Alcohol Use/Time and Amount of Ingestion
  • Biological/Behavioral Effects of Drugs/Medicines
  • Death Investigation/Poisoning
  • Drug Interactions


  • Identification of Toxicants
  • Toxic Torts and Environmental Exposure
  • Interpretation of Laboratory Testing - Testing Methodology
  • Biological/Behavioral Effects of Toxins/Drugs/Medicines
  • Evidence of Drug & Alcohol Use/Time and Amount of Ingestion
  • Products Liability & Contamination
  • Prescription Drug Consequences
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Drug/Alcohol Overdose
  • Death Investigation & Wrongful Death
  • Drug Interactions


  • Occupational Exposure & Hazards
  • Workers Compensation
  • Pre-Employment and Workplace Evidence of Drug/Alcohol Use


  • Evidence of Drug/Alcohol Use in Custody and Parental Rights


Forensic Training & Toxicology Seminars

Our Forensic Experts believes in the value of understanding the evidence. There is nothing more powerful than an attorney who knows what questions to ask and which ones not to ask, and often times how to phrase the question and why. An attorney who truly recognizes what the evidence says and how it relates to the case can be a much more effective tool in convincing a jury and ultimately accomplishing his client’s needs.

Our forensic team is available for training and seminars, for large groups, small offices or parties of one. We are available on a daily or weekly basis. For those who regularly use our services, training and seminars can be conducted for free, only travel and expenses are paid.

For those law offices dealing with issues of drug and alcohol results: If success for your clients is your goal, then having attorneys with a working grasp of this powerful technology may very well be key to their success or failure. Call us at 1-877-842-4827 for more information.

Forensic Toxicology Expert

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