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"Only Viaguard guarantees precision, economy, confidential service and is approved to use the exclusive DNAffirm Technology. Call us and speak to a professional."

Accurate, Rapid & Confidential Results - Have a no-charge DNA Paternity sample collection kit sent to you today.
Viaguard has the most sophisticated and advanced dna analysis for invasive and non invasive paternity determination.
This test helps Viaguard finance its legal efforts to to fight breed restrictive legislation that sees 2 million "pit-bulls" - ( although no such breed exists) - destroyed annually, despite the fact over 95% of the dogs are innocent victims. E-mail your comments to us.
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Canadian Immigration & Citizenship DNA Testing DNA Sponsor Program

Lowest Prices in Canada - $390 (1 Parent and 1 Child)

We guide clients through the entire process. Please contact us for further information at 416-691-4167 or Toll Free at 1-877-842-4827.

Expedited service available to every country and jurisdiction
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Approved DNA Testing for Immigration
Recognized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (C.I.C.)
Expedited, Economical, Available Nationally and Internationally
Base Cost: $390

Our laboratory will coordinate sample collections for applicants located in Canada or internationally, as required by the CIC. We will schedule appointments for all individuals to be tested upon receipt of your application. We will also contact the appropriate Canadian embassies for individuals located abroad. (Note: each embassy has its own scheduling procedures, which can influence how quickly we can set up an appointment.)

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Paternity Testing

Legal or Informational Paternity Confidence - Only at Viaguard is every paternity test run twice to confirm the result

exclusive DNaffirm technology--over 100,000 tests---99.999% accuracy

It may not be practical to come to our laboratory and have us take samples for court/legal chain of custody or informational test. All mailed kits now include remote legal chain of custody forms, or you may do the test for just informational purposes.
All tests are of course absolutely private and confidential.
Order our no-cost sample collection kit and remit payment when you send in the samples for analysis.
Results are available 5-7 days from receipt of samples.
We will call you immediately with the results once the test is completed and confirmed and then mail out the certified documentation as you instruct us.
Split kits can be sent if the father and child are in different locations. Tests can now also be done using non-standard samples such as gum, cigarette butts, spot of blood, toothbrush, etc., if it is not possible to obtain a buccal swab from one or both of the parties.
There may be a modest surcharge depending on the nature of the non-standard sample.
If so, we will call you on receipt of the samples before proceeding with analysis.
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Viaguard Prenatal Paternity Testing


Viaguard offers every option.

DNA Paternity

The most commonly requested prenatal paternity test is the non-invasive method which involves detecting the fetal molecules of DNA which have diffused through the placental membrane and are found in maternal blood. This method has 99.9% accuracy using exclusive DNAffirm technology.
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Prenatal paternity testing is a sensitive and confidential service. You can depend on the experience of the professional staff at Viaguard to guide you.

Only Viaguard offers the precision of DNAffirm testing on all genetic paternity tests.

The following are the currently available options for prenatal DNA paternity determination and for complete detailed information click here.

All cases of prenatal paternity testing require buccal swabs or an appropriate source of DNA from the potential father. The buccal swabs can be taken at our facility or we will send you a sample collection kit for that purpose call us for other possible sources of paternal DNA.

The DNA profile of the paternal samples will be matched with the fetal DNA obtained by two principal techniques defined as invasive and non-invasive to yield results that are 99.99% accurate.

Non-invasive Procedures

Non-invasive procedures involve collecting a small sample of blood from the mother and pose no element of fetal risk.

Maternal Venous Blood Sample
Definitive and Risk-Free

A very small amount of blood is collected in two mini-vacutainers. The samples are taken at a laboratory and then centrifuged to separate the cells and plasma. Viaguard works with laboratories across North America so this simple sample collection can be done at a convenient location. We supply the laboratory with the appropriate collection kit which is then returned to us for processing. Cost for this test is $1600.00 $800.00.



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