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Viaguard Polygraph Testing in New York

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Viaguard Accu-metrics is a forensic laboratory specializing in drug, DNA and polygraph testing. Polygraph testing consist of numerous phases so a properly trained polygraph examiner is an absolute requirement. Our trained staff in the New York location will help you get the correct answer using our many years of polygraph and forensic experience.

Please call 1-877-842-4827 for a free and private consultation.

A Polygraph Examination or a lie detector test consists of three steps:

1) A Pre-Test interview, 2) In-Test analysis and the 2) Post-Test results


During the pre-test interview, the Polygraphist (Polygraph Examiner) will the voluntary nature of the examination. The goal of this pre-test interview is to establish the pertinent questions that need to be answered. Whether your matter deals with infidelity, theft or any matter that needs to be resolved, the staff at Viaguard will help you establish the most clinically precise answer.


During this phase, the Polygraph Administrator will measure and record several physiological indices to the answers of each pertinent question asked. This approach is a well established, painless and non-invasive.


Post test results will be discussed and provided as a report that is certified by our trained staff. All results are kept private and confidential.

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