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Dermalogix 46

Order Now - $13.50 Each, Four Pack $49.00
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The most scientifically advanced dermal protection in a sunscreen.


An effective SPF 46 stabilized wide range sunscreen for UVA and UVB rays. Ideal for all types of skin, paraben and fragrance free. UVB rays act primarily on the surface layer of skin, the stratum corneum, and while they may cause sunburn are not as dangerous as UVA rays in damaging cellular DNA and the potential for melanoma consequences. UVA rays penetrate much deeper and reach the inner strata of skin. They are more likely to cause cellular damage with resultant disorders, so a layer of dimethicone included in the product gives added UVA protection.


BROAD SPECTRUM, Provides long lasting, time released, protection against mosquitoes for up to 12 hours. Repels Ticks that may carry West Nile Virus, biting flies, deer flies, chiggers, gnats, and fleas. Sweat resistant. Works longer with less deet, using time release technology to provide a longer lasting repellent.


As the largest body organ, your skin is under constant bombardment from UVA and UVB rays as well as a wide range of environmental pollutants. The net effect of these factors may result in various skin conditions, some as serious as melanoma.

One of the misunderstood causative factors is the effect of UVA, and to some extant UVB rays. Sunscreens have proven reasonably effective in preventing squamous cell carcinoma but they do not prevent basal cell carcinoma. A study by Kutting, and Drexler on induced skin cancer confirms this observation.

Skin is constantly directly exposed to the air, solar radiation, environmental pollutants, and other mechanical and chemical insults which are capable of inducing the generation of free-radicals as well as reactive oxygen species (ROS).

The most powerful cellular defense mechanism is an enzyme found in every cell of your skin- catalase. A molecule of catalase will neutralize many millions of free-radicals and block the degenerative oxidative cellular process. Unfortunately, catalase levels decrease with age, genetic, and other factors. Dermalogix 46 by restoring the natural level of catalase allows the first level of defense, your skin, to function at its best.

Free-radicals formed by metabolism are oxidants, a prime cause of damage to cellular DNA with resultant genetic mutations. It is this DNA damage which can act as a trigger for various types of skin cancer.

Dermalogix 46 uses a proven and effective blend of catalase and pseudocatalase to maximize the inhibition of free-radical damage to cellular DNA.


For maximum protection as a sunscreen and/or insect repellent apply to all exposed areas. Remains effective for 12 hours, and needs only to be re-applied if washed or toweled off.


De-ionized water, deet, octinoxate, octisolates, stearic acid, sorbitan isostearate, aloe vera, triethanolamine, tocopherol, olive oil, disodium edta, isopropyl palmitate, dimethicone, catalase.



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