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Native and First Nations DNA Testing

The results of this scientific test can be used to receive a status card or tribal enrollment

As an industry leader in parentage (paternity and maternity testing), Family relationship and ancestral heritage testing, Viaguard Accu-metrics offers a variety of DNA tests for First Nation, Métis and Native Americans to help define if you belong to a particular ethno-geographical group.
New for 2016: We can also determine if you belong to the 56 Native tribes from Mexico.
The DNA results can be used in enrollment, disenrollment, claiming social benefits, or simply for a peace of mind. We understand the impact that this testing service has on the First Nation and Native American community and we try to use our expertise for the community's overall interests.


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This test determines if your DNA contains the haplotypes that belong to the people of First Nations and Native Americans. Our test can even be used to determine the specific tribe that you belong to by comparing your DNA with known tribal members.

 to order a kit for your personal profile and determine if you carry the haplotypes linked to Native American and First Nations heritage. The total cost for this test is $125 per person.
SPECIAL OFFER: Based on the family and corroborative evidence that you outline for us, we will provide a probability analysis of your status prospect. The cost for this is $150.

Native American linkage is based on a sample comparison to a proven member of the group, which identifies specific tribal linkage.
According to Office of Management and Budget, "American Indian or Alaska Native" refers to a person having origins in any of the original peoples of North and South America (including Central America) and who maintains tribal affiliation or community attachment. There are 562 recognized tribes in the U.S.A., plus at least 50 others in Canada, divided into First Nation, Inuit, and Metis. Viaguard Accu-metrics can determine if you belong to one of these groups. We can also determine if you belong to the 56 Native tribes from Mexico.

A list of all Native and First Nation tribes that we can identify are found here

A list of all Mexican Native tribes that we can identify are found here

First Nation and Native American Ancestry DNA Test

DNA contains the information to determine an individuals ancestral heritage. During the migration of the human population, First Nation and Native Americans developed unique genetic markers that allows them to be accurately identified. These genetic markers can be identified in Métis and anyone who may have aboriginal ancestry. This test shows the percentage of a person's DNA consistent with the Native American population and the percentage of his or her DNA consistent with other populations.

Other Testing services

Parentage (Paternity and Maternity) DNA Test

This Parentage test determines if a First Nation, Métis and Native American is the biological father or mother of a child. These results are conclusive to determine the probability of paternity or maternity. A parentage test is the most-often used DNA test for enrollment. This test determines whether a tribal member could be the biological father or mother of a child. We all inherit our DNA from our biological parents. A parentage test compares an enrollee's DNA pattern with that of the tribal member (the alleged parent) to check for evidence of this inheritance—the most definitive proof of a biological relationship.

Family Relationship DNA Tests

Family relationship test include aunt/uncle test, siblingship test, and grandparentage test. This test is available to help verify biological relationships. For example, testing can be performed to determine whether or not an enrollee is a sibling, grandchild, or other relative of a First Nation or Native American tribe These tests are usually performed when the tribal member who is an alleged parent is no longer available for testing.




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