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After two months of use, results include new hair growth, a thicker, healthy head of hair, and diminishment of gray hair.

MINOXICAL is the herbal and all natural alternative to Rogaine and other Minoxidil products.

Re-grows hair and revitalizes hair follicles without the use of drugs or harsh chemicals

The follicular growth and thickening properties of MINOXICAL, our marine colloid complex and the anti-gray, natural, restorative melanin action of Depo-Melanin.

A topical lotion applied by dropper, or by rubbing in the foam formula, twice a day into the scalp, ensures that hair loss and the companion problems of diminished thickness, and density, are treated, regardless of causes, which include heredity, stress, medical conditions, aging, environmental factors etc.

MINOXICAL reverses the primary problem of hereditary hair loss *Andogenetic alopecia, the causative factor in follicular shrinkage, and atrophy. At the same time our exclusive marine- colloid complex restores hair's density and overall health.

The Depo-Melanin component is the most effective, natural, anti-gray, hair color restorative on the market. It's catalase and psuedo-catalase component naturally reverses gray hair by blocking the oxidation of natural melanin pigments by the cellular peroxides that result from aging. Depo-Melanin will restore and maintain your natural hair color.

MINOXICAL is formulated to be stable, it can be used with any usual hair treatments such as perm solutions, hair colour, etc.

Ingredients: Marine Complex, Fibroblast Growth Factor 9, AMLA, Eclipta alba, Aloe vera, Horsetail extract, Biotin and Apple Polyphenol

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